Here are a collection of photos taken of our beautiful home in Tempe, AZ.  The outside of the house has been totally re-done!  Desert landscaping was added in the front yard and the back yard...where dead grass and dirt once was.   Five palm trees were also removed from the front yard.  A short wall was built around the parameter of the house...front and side...where there was once open space.  The house was re-painted to the present color, from the original color of light blue and dark green with white trimming (how 60's!).  A new fence was built in the back yard, where there was once a dilapidated old wooden fence.  A wall was put up around the pool pump.  Pony built a wooden deck (by himself I might add) on the back patio, where it was only concrete.  The house was originally built in 1964.  The pool was added later in 1967.  We are VERY proud to have this as our first home.  I hope you enjoy the photos...taken with our new digital camera!